EGOI is over. The Closing Ceremony, Goodbye Blogpost and Final Report are online.

Call for Tasks

The EGOI Scientific Committee invites the competitive programming and informatics olympiad community to help creating the problem set for EGOI 2021.

EGOI is the first edition of a programming competition for girls in secondary education all across Europe, taking place on June 2021 in Zürich, Switzerland.

The focus of a task is typically to design and implement an efficient and correct algorithm. We are looking for tasks of varying difficulties (ranging from simple, yet interesting and motivating tasks to problems of IOI difficulty) and types (batch, output-only or interactive). The topics and techniques used in the tasks must conform to the IOI syllabus as of 2019.

Submit the tasks on the following site: The submission period is over.. The file submission limit is 10MiB.

The minimum submission should contain:

It is recommended for the task submission to also contain:

Submitted tasks must be original and unused prior to EGOI 2021. They must be kept confidential until the date of EGOI 2021.

We will be pleased to invite the authors of the selected tasks to the on-site contest. The authors are responsible for arranging their travel, but the costs for their stay will be covered. A total of 8 tasks will be selected and used at the competition.

The submission deadline is October 31, 2020.

Please direct any additional queries to .