EGOI is over. The Closing Ceremony, Goodbye Blogpost and Final Report are online.

Contest Environment

Hardware Setup

Each contestant needs a computer. Only a single screen may be used. If you use a laptop, you may use an external screen if the internal screen is disabled.

Contestants may use their own mouse and keyboard, however, they must not be programmable. There must only be a single mouse and a single keyboard attached to the system.

The contestants must not be able to see the screens of other participants or proctors.

Host System Setup

During the competition, all participants are required to use the provided virtual machine. You can download the final version here (SHA256: f6c1f0f54583aba3979b15a0bac7d192c8bc8c826f36a1f7773a0f24afc7fe7a).

Please install the newest version of VirtualBox and import the provided .ova file. You must use VirtualBox as hypervisor. Note, that we can only guarantee that the VM works properly on a Debian 10 host. However, it probably works on most host operating systems. By default, the virtual machine gets 8 GB of memory. Should your host system not have enough RAM to support this, you should decrease this in the settings of VirtualBox.

For Linux host systems: Please note that there might be issues when using Wayland on the host. Please make sure to disable Wayland and use X11 on your host system. If you are using gnome, you can set WaylandEnable=false in /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf.

The VM will perform screen recording during the contest. Therefore, your host system needs to have at least 60 GB of free disk space available for the VM.

The VM must be run in full-screen mode during the competition. The host system should be configured such that the host system does not suspend or lock the screen if the computer is idle. Any messaging applications must be removed from the host system.


If you find a bug in the VM, write us an email to vm-feedback@egoi.ch, detailing what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen. All bug reports should be reported until May 22, such that we can release the release candidate on May 28. However, please report any bugs as soon as possible. The final version of the VM will be released on June 7.


The VM will ask you for a client token. We will send you a few test tokens for your delegation by email. We will distribute the real tokens shortly before the contest. Please note that the tokens are contestant-specific. Thus, ensure that the correct participant uses the correct VM. Each participant token may only be active in at most one VM at a time. If the same token is used in a new VM, the old VM will lose access to the contest system. Once registered, a token may not be changed anymore.

The only user on the system (egoi) does not have a password set. It will automatically be logged in at startup. During the contest, you should not logout or shutdown the VM. Automatic screen locking is disabled.

You will be automatically logged in to the contest system. Please go to https://whoami.2021.egoi.ch to check whether this works correctly. This page should show you your user id (e.g. "You are CHE1"). If this does not work, please notify us!

By default, no network connection is allowed. To disable the firewall, run egoi fw allow. During the contest, the firewall can not be disabled.

To change the locale (i.e. language), run egoi locale <locale> where <locale> is the desired locale (e.g. de, de_ch, or en_us). Locale changes will not be reset. Please note that changing the locale will not be possible during the contest. Therefore, switch the VM to the desired locale well in advance.

By default, the VM displays the time in Zurich, Switzerland. All our time announcements will be made with respect to this timezone. Therefore, we recommend to keep this setting. If you still would like to change the timezone, you can do so with egoi timezone <timezone>.

During the contest, the VM's screen will be recorded. You can test screen recording by running egoi recording start <destination>. To stop the recording, run egoi recording stop. By default, screen recording runs at 4 frames per second. If you experience performance issues due to screen recording, you can lower it by passing the -r flag to the start command. However, please note that you need to inform us if you require a lower frame rate as the settings will be reset before the contest and it will not be possible to change this value during the contest. During the contest, screen recording will be controlled remotely, you do not need to start or stop it manually.

The VM will automatically perform backups in the background during the contest. Please ensure adequate bandwidth is available for this. Available backups can be listed with egoi backup list. egoi backup restore <ID> (or egoi backup restore for the lastest backup) will restore the desired backup to /tmp/backup.

Online Requirement

For the contest and practice session, the VM needs to be online at least 2 hours before the contest starts. We will then update the configuration of the machines and perform some checks. After the contest ends, we will inform you once we collected all data from the VM. Please note that depending on your network connection, this might take several hours. You may only shutdown the VM after we confirmed the collection of all data.

Available Software

Compilers & Interpreters

Note: these are locally available. However, it is not guaranteed that these languages can be used to submit.



Other Software

Release Schedule

Alpha releaseApril 16Initial version with planned software selection.
Software FreezeApril 30We stop accepting requests for additional software.
Release Candidate 1May 3First stable version with all contest tools.
Bug Reporting DeadlineMay 22Please report any bugs by May 22.
Release Candidate 2May 28All reported issues should be fixed.
Bug Reporting DeadlineJune 4Please report any bugs by June 4.
Final ReleaseJune 7Stable version that will be used at EGOI.