EGOI is over. The Closing Ceremony, Goodbye Blogpost and Final Report are online.


Which Countries Can Participate?

Participation is primarily for European1 countries. As there is a limited number of spots available we will allocate them on a first come first served basis. Non-European countries may register as well. However, they will only be able to participate physically at the event if there are more spots available than registered European countries.

Countries that cannot participate onsite (either because there are no spots left or due to travel restrictions) may participate online. Details about the online participation will be announced at due time.


The registration will open on November 30. There are the following deadlines:

March 29: Country registration
 - a definitive confirmation that you will send a delegation to EGOI including the number of delegation members (contestants, leaders and guests).
May 3: Contestant information
 - personal information of all members of your delegation

How to register

European countries should have received an invitation letter this summer. If you have not received this invitation letter or if you are a Non-European country interested to participate please contact us at

We will send out personalized links to the registration when it opens.

Fees and upgrades

There will be no registration fees for this EGOI (this might change for future years). However, if you want to bring guests, you will have to pay 1800 CHF per additional person. Guests will be accomodated in single rooms by default. Note that unlike at IOI there will not be a special guest program.

By default, team leaders will be accomodated in rooms of two (separated by gender). If you prefer to have single rooms for your team leader/deputy leader you can indicate this in the registration. You will have to pay 400 CHF per person in a single room.

Fees for bringing guests must be paid by April 17. Fees for upgrading to a single room must be paid by May 17. You will receive an invoice from us a few days after the deadlines (March 29 for guests, May 3 for single rooms).