EGOI is over. The Closing Ceremony, Goodbye Blogpost and Final Report are online.


EGOI 2021 will take place online. To make the event a success even though it is online, we depend on motivated volunteers to help during the event! There are two types of volunteers we are looking for:

Online guides: The delegations will be split up into groups of 4 delegations, each of them will get a channel on discord to chat and hang out. As an online guide, you will be responsible for one of the channels, and you will be the first contact person for the participants if they have any questions. As an online guide you should have time the entire week to always be able to answer quickly and help with any problems. Furthermore, there will be some social program in the evening and some afternoons, in which you will also participate with your group. At last, we may need to give you some instructions, so you should have 1-2 hours a day time for this.

Event specific helper: As an event specific helper you will be present at one or more specific online events, most of those events are guiding participants through some specific online program but there are also some exam related events we might need help with. Most events last about 1-3 hours, and you should anticipate 1 hour for instructions beforehand.

Both event specific helpers and online guides will help from home.

Sign up here: Volunteer-Registration Form

If you already signed up using the old registration form (where we thought we could have the event on-site) please fill in this form instead.

If you have any further questions regarding volunteering, please contact